10 ways to whiten your teeth

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Smile is one of the most basic elements of human appearance. Both men and women mention it as one of the most important factors of making a good first impression. It is worth to think about it and to take care of your teeth to make them look healthy and glamorously. Unfortunately, it doesn't has to be so simple and obvious. For this reason, we present 10 ways to whiten your teeth.

1) First basic factor which influences the color of our teeth is everyday care. Try to brush your teeth after every meal - it will helps you to avoid discoloration.

2) You can use available on market products that are to improve the color of your teeth. For example whitening stripes covered with carbamide peroxide gel or a whitening toothpaste may be helpful with removing the residue from teeth.

3) In-office teeth whitening is a bit more expensive and complicated method. Though the price may be discouraging, the effects can exceed your expectations.

4) Strawberries are a home remedy for whitening your teeth. They contain maleic acid that not only kill the bacteria in the mouths but also helps with tooth whitening. Prepare a mash out of strawberries, put it on your teeth and wait 2 minutes.

5) Orange skin is another home remedy for tooth whitening. What you have to do is to grate it, mix with soda and salt, add a drop of hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth with the mixture. It is a natural and healthy way to make our teeth white and beautiful.

6) Another good way to improve the color of our teeth is avoiding factors which make our smile look grey and unpleasant. Beverages like coffee, tea or red wine have a particularly bad influence on our teeth.

7) Remember to change your toothbrush regularly. Dirty and worn out toothbrush may have a bad influence on your teeth and only worsen their condition.

8) Citrus fruits such as lemons or pineapples cause salivation and saliva is responsible for cleaning and whitening the teeth. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that an excess of acid may damage tooth enamel.

9) Give up smoking. It has an enormous influence on your teeth. Cigarettes leave residue that pass through enamel and creates permanent discoloration.

10) If you don't feel like trying any of the methods given above, there is one more possibility - an old and good way of whitening your teeth. Soak a cotton pad with baking soda and lemon juice and rub it into your teeth. After some period of time you should notice positive results.

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