Can braces do harm?

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braces harm

Can everyone wear braces? Unfortunately, some patients cannot. Why? Everyone would like to have white, healthy and straight teeth. Majority of us, when able to afford it, can straighten their teeth and eventually overcome complexes, which might have been disturbing us since our childhood. Straight teeth are important not only from the aesthetical point of view: malocclusions may cause a lot of diseases such as mobility or drifting of teeth, periodontal diseases or temporomandibular joint diseases. Moreover, it is hard to clean crooked teeth what results in plaque and tartar.

What are the contraindications for dental braces?

People who suffer from diseases that weaken the immune system such as leukemia, or from hormone disorder, uncontrolled diabetes as well as people taking drugs for osteoporosis cannot get the dental braces. The diabetics should consult the doctor about their plan to get the braces and only after having confirmed a stable blood glucose and hormone level can they go to an orthodontist.

Patients with too many missing teeth or those suffering from periodontal diseases also cannot get the dental braces. All periodontal diseases as well as possible inflammation in the mouth have to be treated before getting the braces.

When can dental braces do harm?

If you want to have dental braces, it is important to pay attention to regular orthodontic appointments. During a visit, the doctor check your denture and adjust the braces, so that the treatment produce the desired effects. Braces which are not checked by a doctor for several months may be very harmful for the patient.

Usually, the appointments are set once a month and in the case of the self-ligating brackets - every 6-8 weeks. With braces, it is extremely important to take care of the oral hygiene. While brushing your teeth, you have to reach all the areas where caries may develop. Improper tooth brushing can also cause discoloration.

Don't panic in case of caries. An orthodontist can remove the braces or a part of it, so that the dentist is able to cure the tooth. After the dental treatment, the braces should be put on again as soon as possible.

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