Don't exaggerate with teeth whitening

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Nowadays, the teeth whitening treatment is becoming more and more popular. There are also a lot of new products which you can use for in-home whitening. When does teeth whitening become dangerous?

Teeth whitening addiction

The possibility to whiten your teeth is surely an amazing invention of the modern medicine. The fact that we are able to quickly remove the upsetting effects of drinking coffee, tea or of smoking cigarettes encourages us to make use of the products available in every drugstore. However, some of us may go too far and even get addicted to teeth whitening.

How to prepare for teeth whitening?

Even when you are to use a common and theoretically safe product, you should first contact a stomatologist. You should also be aware of the fact that the effect of the treatment doesn't necessarily have to be that spectacular. To a large extend it depends on the condition and natural shade of your teeth. If you don't notice any difference after using a whitening product, you should go to a dentist, rather than come back to a drugstore. Possibly, you will have to undergo a professional (and, unfortunately, more expensive) whitening treatment.


If everyone praises your white smile, but are you still spending a fortune on whitening products believing that your smile can be even whiter and each thought about this makes you feel nervous, then you most probably suffer from so-called Bleachorexia, that is you are addicted to teeth whitening. This disorder affects mainly women and is being compared to tanning addiction or even to anorexia. Overuse of whitening products may have a lot of upsetting effects. Usually, hypersensitivity of teeth and gums is a first symptom. It may even result in enamel erosion and loss of tooth structure, which may even lead to the root-canal treatment. Paradoxically, overusing whitening products usually results in discoloration.

Not everyone needs a glamorous smile.

Don't compare your smile with the stars on the magazine covers. Hollywood stars usually have veneers of a perfectly matching shade. You will never achieve this effect by whitening your teeth at home. And remember: white teeth doesn't suit everybody! Too white smile may look unnaturally an unattractively.

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