Everyday life with braces

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life with braces

Braces can make your life difficult in many various ways. Before the treatment, the patients usually have concerns about their future life with a foreign object in their mouth. The braces, however, do not prevent you from having a normal life. Nonetheless, during the treatment, you should follow all medical advices of your doctor, especially those concerning oral hygiene.

Are braces painful?

The pain that accompanies wearing the braces is an individual matter and it varies across different patients. Putting the braces on is a rather painless process, though it lasts for a long time. In the case of fixed braces, some patients don't suffer from any discomfort, others complain about pain. Nonetheless, the possible pain is temporal and last only for a couple of days. Though, pain is always a good sign which means that the treatment has begun.

How to eat with braces

In the case of the removable braces, it is advisable to remove it while eating because it can make chewing difficult. In the case of the fixed braces, eating can be difficult for the first couple of days since getting the braces. With time, patients get used to the braces and eating is no longer a problem.

However, it is worth to ask the doctor whether we should avoid certain foods in order not to damage our braces. A group of foods to avoid may include hard fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, carrots), ship biscuits, hard candies (sticky candy bars, chewing gum, toffee candies) and nuts. Moreover, it is not recommended to eat products which increase the risk of carries (sweets, sweet fruits).

What is more, we should take into consideration the fact that certain foods will stain the braces. Smoking has exactly the same effect.

How to take care of your teeth during the orthodontic treatment?

Taking care of your teeth is extremely important during the orthodontic treatment and brushing your teeth demands more diligence than without the braces. In the case of fixed braces, there are a lot of tiny gaps and cracks around the bracing elements where food particles may accumulate.

This is why it is necessary to buy extra tools for oral hygiene. You may need proxy brushes, orthodontic toothbrushes, special toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also important to brush the teeth for a longer time.

How to take care of braces?

Beside brushing your teeth you have to take care of the braces as well. By using the above-mentioned proxy brush you should clean the space between the braces and teeth as well as around the archwire. It is not recommended to eat hot meals as well as foods which may stain your braces.

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