Home remedies for teeth whitening

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frontend for teeth whitening

How to restore natural whiteness to your teeth without spending wealth on professional products and dental appointments? Here are methods which will glamorize your grin.

Whitening toothpaste containing active ingredients

This is the simplest way to whiten your smile. However, you should remember that a toothpaste will never produce the same effects as a professional in-office treatment. Though, it can gradually remove discoloration by means of whitening ingredients and abrasive materials.

Brushing teeth after every meal

We usually brush our teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Nevertheless, it would be perfect if we found time to do it after every meal. In this way we would immediately remove food particles which cause discoloration. Following this method will also assure us to keep healthy teeth for a long time. In order to improve the effect, you can also use a whitening mouthwash.

Chewing gum

Don't believe in a special impact of any "whitening" chewing gum because, in fact.... all chewing gums have some whitening qualities. Chewing a gum causes an increased production of saliva that helps to clear food particles (also these responsible for discoloration) trapped in your teeth.

Home-made whitening mixture

At home you can prepare your own whitening mixture which will consist of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Put on a toothbrush the same amount of the mixture as in the case of a toothpaste and brush your teeth for a few minutes.

Try not to swallow the mixture - if it happened, drink a plenty of water. Clean your teeth by means of a whitening toothpaste or simply rinse your mouth with water. In order to achieve the best effect, repeat the procedure once a week.

Lemon juice

Few knows that lemon juice also holds whitening qualities. Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with a bit of salt. Then, put the mixture on a toothpaste and brush your teeth. If you wish to achieve better effects, replace salt with baking soda.

Banana skin

Banana skin contains minerals and vitamins and therefore it is a particularly helpful home remedy for teeth whitening. Choose a ripe banana, peel it and rub the skin on your teeth for a few minutes. Repeat this activity twice a day. If you have plaque, you can prolong the "treatment". Calcium, vitamin D and potassium contained in banana skin hold whitening qualities.

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