How to safely whiten teeth at home?

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Lately a pearly white smile is close at hand thanks to variety of available methods - from simple home remedies to professional in office treatments. How to whiten your teeth without undergoing an expensive in-office treatment?

If the whitening products are used according to indications, there shouldn't occur any undesirable effects. However, before you make a decision to whiten your teeth at home, you should bear in mind several rules to protect your mouth and gums.

Consult a specialist

You should go to a dentist's office for professional teeth cleaning and control. Perhaps you don't need any whitening products to restore a healthy look of your teeth? If not, the dentist can also fill possible cavities in your teeth, what is absolutely necessary before the whitening treatment. The doctor will also check you gums. If they are not healthy, it is better to postpone the whitening treatment.

You may also ask the dentist for advice: which product does he think is the best for at home teeth whitening? How much will your teeth get whiter? Remember that everything depends on your age, type of discoloration and natural shade of your teeth.

Choose the best teeth whitener

Teeth whiteners usually contain carbamide peroxide in the concentration ranging from 10% to 20%. First, use a product with a medium concentration - then, if no side effects occur, you can choose a stronger one (provided you need it).

Act on the indications!

On no account should you keep the product in your mouth longer than it is indicated in the package leaflet. It can cause among others gingivitis. After each treatment you should avoid sour drinks for a couple of hours. If you have lately become a mother or if you are currently nursing a baby, you should postpone the whitening treatment.

Is whitening for me?

Composite or porcelain fillings will not change their shade. Hence, if you have crowns that are visible when you are smiling, teeth whitening may produce unattractive effects. After a series of whitening treatments you may have an impression that your teeth are more sensitive to cold or hot foods and drinks. This is a temporal symptom and it shouldn't bother you unless it persists for too long. In this case, contact a stomatologist. Remember not to exaggerate with teeth whitening. Beside the health consequences mentioned above, overuse of whitening products will give a very unnatural effect.

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