I have malocclusion. What to do if you don't want to or cannot get braces?

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cannot get braces

Braces are not for everyone. Are there any alternatives to braces? There is a lot of people who don't want to get braces due to emotional, aesthetical or professional reasons. There are also people, who can't get braces because of health problems - e.g. diseases of the immune system exclude the possibility of getting dental braces.

If we are afraid of the unattractive appearance of the traditional braces or of pain, which sometimes accompanies the treatment, we have the possibility of choosing invisible braces. Nowadays, the invisalign aligners are becoming more and more popular. These aligners have no metal elements. They are not visible at first sight and they produce the same effects as the traditional braces.

Invisalign is made of smooth materials and therefore it doesn't irritate lips or gums. It is custom-made for each patient. A lot of doctors regard it as a very good option for treating diastema, crossbite, deep bite and crowding of teeth.

However, it is worth to notice that invisalign treatment demands a lot of self-discipline. In order to achieve the best effects, you should wear it all the time, except while eating and tooth brushing. When patients have long breaks between wearing the aligners, the treatment prolongs or even becomes impossible.

Other alternatives to braces

Sometime, in the case of a not serious malocclusion, the patient can opt for veneers. In this way we can hide some minor orthodontic problems. Unfortunately, there is a risk that while putting the veneers the surface of teeth will get damage. We should also remember that the veneers will not treat the malocclusion but only hide it.

Lingual braces are another discrete alternative to the traditional braces. They are cemented onto the backside of the teeth and owing to that - completely invisible. The lingual braces are as effective as the traditional braces. Unfortunately, it is still an unpopular and very expensive method as it requires help of a specialized support. The lingual braces can be put on only by orthodontists who possesses a special lingual brace certification.

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