Teeth whitening side effects

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teeth whitening side effects

Do you want to whiten your teeth? Contact your stomatologist first and make sure that the treatment will be safe for you. Teeth are a very important part of a person's appearance. On the grounds of somebody's teeth condition we can tell a lot about this person. This is why the treatments such as teeth whitening and plaque removal are becoming more and more popular.

What kinds of whitening products should you beware of?

Along with an increasing demand for the whitening products increases also the variety of the products offered on the market. Some of them are said to have wondrous effects. Before the purchase you should spend some time to see into the popular products and the promises of producers. You should trust only these products which have their effectiveness confirmed by scientific tests and studies.

Is it really for me?

While choosing the whitening method, remember to pay attention to the long-term instead of the first, short-term (sometimes spectacular) effect. Even if a given product haven't done harm to anyone you know, it may turn out that you are particularly susceptible to some of its ingredients. Inappropriate whitening products may cause gum and mouth irritation or even permanently damage your teeth. Sometimes, it happen that your teeth will for always remain sensitive to a certain ingredient. For this reason it is so important to contact a dentist.

Unequal teeth whitening

No matter which recommended method you choose, there is always a risk that the results will be unequal. It may produce a really unpleasant effect. You should be aware of the fact that only natural teeth can be whitened. Popular products:

  • will not remove discoloration caused by medicaments
  • will not whiten dead teeth
  • will not whiten the stains caused by dental fluorosis (a disturbance which occurs during tooth development).
Tooth sensitivity

In practice, all whitening gels cause a temporal tooth sensitivity for cold, hot, sweet or sour stimuli. It should dissipate within 48 hours, otherwise, you should stop using this product and contact a dentist. Tooth sensitivity after a whitening treatment may also be an effect of undetected caries.

Gum irritation

Gum irritation is another quite common side effect of teeth whitening. Usually it is not very serious, but, in order to moderate the discomfort you should ask the dentist to recommend you a toothpaste for gum disease. Moreover, pay attention to whether you put on your teeth an appropriate amount of the product.

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