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Industry Family Dentistry

9678 FM 109 Rd

Industry, TX 78944

Industry Family Dentistry

9678 FM 109 Rd

Industry, TX 78944

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treatment of malocclusion
Treatment of malocclusion

A treatment has to be conducted whenever a malocclusion is diagnosed. Otherwise, it may cause face deformation or have many undesirable health consequences. ... .

when go to orthodontist
When to contact an orthodontist?

Beautiful, white and ideally aligned teeth are the beauty ideal. In order to enjoy it, it is not enough to just pay attention to the oral hygiene. It is necessary to prevent and treat malocclusions. ... .

female at the dentis
How to whiten dead teeth?

A dead tooth is a colloquial name for a tooth that does not have a nerve inside it because it was replaced by a dissolvable material during the root canal treatment. A tooth may also become dead due to caries. The shade of dead teeth usually become grey. Fortunately, they can be whitened as well. ... .

Don't exaggerate with teeth whitening

Nowadays, the teeth whitening treatment is becoming more and more popular. There are also a lot of new products which you can use for in-home whitening. When does teeth whitening become dangerous? ... .

at dentist
What happens to your teeth during the bleaching treatment?

Are you considering teeth whitening and having doubt? Find out what does the treatment look like and what actually happens to your teeth during the whitening process. ... .

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