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Dr. Henry K. Pong, DDS

3820 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

North Shore Health Care: Cain Nicholas DDS

3099 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

Family Dental Clinic: Rosiecki Richard T DDS

3101 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

NorthShore Health Center

3099 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

Mannino Troy M DDS

3099 Central Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

Reliable Denture Center

2370 East 37th Avenue

Lake Station, IN 46405

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types of malocclusion
Types of malocclusion

Malocclusion means all kinds of possible deviations from ideal occlusion. It manifests itself with a misalignment of the teeth in the dental arch, delayed teething, having supernumerary or missing teeth as well as having teeth of abnormal size or shape. Malocclusion does not only affect your appearance, but also has an impact on the oral cavity functions. In effect, you might suffer from breathing, chewing, swallowing or even speech disorders. Overbite, underbite and crossbite are the most ... .

life with braces
Everyday life with braces

Braces can make your life difficult in many various ways. Before the treatment, the patients usually have concerns about their future life with a foreign object in their mouth. The braces, however, do not prevent you from having a normal life. Nonetheless, during the treatment, you should follow all medical advices of your doctor, especially those concerning oral hygiene. ... .

medicaid medicare chip
What Is Medicaid, Medicare And CHIP Insurance?

Insurance is difficult to understand for a lot of people. It’s more so when contemplating state-sponsored insurance such as Medicaid and CHIP or government insurance like Medicare. Here’s what it’s all about. ... .

treatment of malocclusion
Treatment of malocclusion

A treatment has to be conducted whenever a malocclusion is diagnosed. Otherwise, it may cause face deformation or have many undesirable health consequences. ... .

braces harm
Can braces do harm?

Can everyone wear braces? Unfortunately, some patients cannot. Why? Everyone would like to have white, healthy and straight teeth. Majority of us, when able to afford it, can straighten their teeth and eventually overcome complexes, which might have been disturbing us since our childhood. Straight teeth are important not only from the aesthetical point of view: malocclusions may cause a lot of diseases such as mobility or drifting of teeth, periodontal diseases or temporomandibular joint diseases. Moreover, ... .

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