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Limonite Dental Group

12363 Limonite Ave #960

Mira Loma, CA 92879

Mira Loma Dental

11058 Limonite Avenue

Mira Loma, CA 91752

Mira Loma Smiles Dentistry

6445 Pats Ranch Road

Mira Loma, CA 91752

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adult orthodontic treatment
Adult orthodontic treatment

We usually associate the braces with children. Nowadays, however, more and more adults also become patients in the orthodontic offices. Fashion is not only about clothing, good cosmetics, complexion and hairstyle. White and healthy teeth are also trendy. When should an adult contact and orthodontist? ... .

malocclusion in children
Malocclusion in children: is it dangerous?

Every kind of malocclusion in a child can have very serious consequences. This is why we should begin the treatment right after we notice first symptoms of any type of bad bite. ... .

Happy family with white teeth
10 ways to whiten your teeth

Smile is one of the most basic elements of human appearance. Both men and women mention it as one of the most important factors of making a good first impression. It is worth to think about it and to take care of your teeth to make them look healthy and glamorously. Unfortunately, it doesn't has to be so simple and obvious. For this reason, we present 10 ways to whiten your teeth. ... .

frontend for teeth whitening
Home remedies for teeth whitening

How to restore natural whiteness to your teeth without spending wealth on professional products and dental appointments? Here are methods which will glamorize your grin. ... .

overlay teeth whitening
Teeth whitening: myths and facts

Are you considering undergoing the tooth whitening treatment? Do you have doubts? Are you afraid of side effects or of no effects at all? Find out whether you know everything about tooth whitening! ... .

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