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What happens to your teeth during the bleaching treatment?

Are you considering teeth whitening and having doubt? Find out what does the treatment look like and what actually happens to your teeth during the whitening process. ... .

tooth whitening methods
Tooth whitening methods

Are you a little confused about which whitening method to choose? To count on a cheaper home remedy or to trust a specialist? Find out what produce the best effects! ... .

removable braces
Removable braces

Removable braces are usually used to treat not serious malocclusions in children who still have milk teeth. They also prevent the patients from worsening of the developing or already existing malocclusions. The greatest advantage of the removable braces is their low price. In comparison to fixed braces, the price of removable braces is really insignificant. ... .

gums whiten teeth
Do chewing gums whiten teeth?

Who wouldn't like to have white teeth? In reality, just a few people have an ideally white smile, though, everybody dreams about it. On the market we can now get chewing gums which - according to the producers - possess whitening qualities. Do tooth whitening chewing gums work at whitening teeth? ... .

life with braces
Everyday life with braces

Braces can make your life difficult in many various ways. Before the treatment, the patients usually have concerns about their future life with a foreign object in their mouth. The braces, however, do not prevent you from having a normal life. Nonetheless, during the treatment, you should follow all medical advices of your doctor, especially those concerning oral hygiene. ... .

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