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coffee contains tanic acids
Why aren't my teeth pearly white anymore?

You used to have white teeth which made your friends jealous. Since recently, however, you have noticed that your smile lost its gloss. Find out why is it so. ... .

removable braces
Removable braces

Removable braces are usually used to treat not serious malocclusions in children who still have milk teeth. They also prevent the patients from worsening of the developing or already existing malocclusions. The greatest advantage of the removable braces is their low price. In comparison to fixed braces, the price of removable braces is really insignificant. ... .

why causes malocclusion
Why causes malocclusion?

Malocclusion means all dysfunctions of the tooth form and the incorrect relation between the teeth. There are genetic factors which condition the occurrence of malocclusion, nonetheless, it is most often an effect of bad habits in childhood. ... .

malocclusion in children
Malocclusion in children: is it dangerous?

Every kind of malocclusion in a child can have very serious consequences. This is why we should begin the treatment right after we notice first symptoms of any type of bad bite. ... .

adult orthodontic treatment
Adult orthodontic treatment

We usually associate the braces with children. Nowadays, however, more and more adults also become patients in the orthodontic offices. Fashion is not only about clothing, good cosmetics, complexion and hairstyle. White and healthy teeth are also trendy. When should an adult contact and orthodontist? ... .

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