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Crescent Dental Group

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2080 Century Park East

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Century City Periodontics: Borna Farshid DDS

dentist number 2

2080 Century Park East

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Winnetka Dental Office

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7111 Winnetka Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 91306

Family Dentistry Henry Suarez

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15355 Sherman Way

Los Angeles, CA 91406

Van Nuys Dental Specialties

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15355 Sherman Way

Los Angeles, CA 91406

Alegria Dental Center: Moawad Katerina DDS

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4214 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90004

Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center

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9201 Sunset Hills Road

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Olympic Vermont Dental Clinic

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1001 South Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90006

LA Dental Clinic

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2500 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90057

Dental Playground

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1810 West Slauson Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90047

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types of malocclusion
Types of malocclusion

Malocclusion means all kinds of possible deviations from ideal occlusion. It manifests itself with a misalignment of the teeth in the dental arch, delayed teething, having supernumerary or missing teeth as well as having teeth of abnormal size or shape. Malocclusion does not only affect your appearance, but also has an impact on the oral cavity functions. In effect, you might suffer from breathing, chewing, swallowing or even speech disorders. Overbite, underbite and crossbite are the most ... .

treatment of malocclusion
Treatment of malocclusion

A treatment has to be conducted whenever a malocclusion is diagnosed. Otherwise, it may cause face deformation or have many undesirable health consequences. ... .

female at the dentis
How to whiten dead teeth?

A dead tooth is a colloquial name for a tooth that does not have a nerve inside it because it was replaced by a dissolvable material during the root canal treatment. A tooth may also become dead due to caries. The shade of dead teeth usually become grey. Fortunately, they can be whitened as well. ... .

braces come off
Orthodontic retention phase. What happens after your braces come off?

In order to maintain the effects of the orthodontic treatment, we have to undergo the retention phase, which will prevent possible return of malocclusion. What is the retention phase and how long does it take? During the orthodontic treatment our teeth change their position. The braces force the teeth to move from places where they have stayed during our whole life. Unfortunately, usually the braces are not enough to hold the teeth in the desired position for ... .

cannot get braces
I have malocclusion. What to do if you don't want to or cannot get braces?

Braces are not for everyone. Are there any alternatives to braces? There is a lot of people who don't want to get braces due to emotional, aesthetical or professional reasons. There are also people, who can't get braces because of health problems - e.g. diseases of the immune system exclude the possibility of getting dental braces. ... .

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