Dental implant Rogers

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Outlaw Patty

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624 West Poplar Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Wolfe James a DDS

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624 West Poplar Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Rogers Dental Center - Jeffrey Smith DDS

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21410 136th Ave

Rogers, MN 55374

Culpepper Family Dentistry

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620 North 13th Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Divine Smiles Dental Studio

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620 North 13th Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Dr. Darron R. Cooper, DDS

dentist number 6

620 North 13th Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Dentures Today: Fisher Darren L DDS

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4404 West Walnut Street

Rogers, AR 72756

Dr. Daniel A.Leis, D.D.S. P.A.

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300 South 20th Street

Rogers, AR 72758

Dr. Jill E. Self-Pike, DMD

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3710 West Southern Hills Boulevard

Rogers, AR 72758

Community Clinic Rogers Dental

dentist number 10

3710 West Southern Hills Boulevard

Rogers, AR 72758

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Can braces do harm?

Can everyone wear braces? Unfortunately, some patients cannot. Why? Everyone would like to have white, healthy and straight teeth. Majority of us, when able to afford it, can straighten their teeth and eventually overcome complexes, which might have been disturbing us since our childhood. Straight teeth are important not only from the aesthetical point of view: malocclusions may cause a lot of diseases such as mobility or drifting of teeth, periodontal diseases or temporomandibular joint diseases. Moreover, ... .

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Best foods for white teeth

Though there are many chemical whiteners on the market, we can also use natural whitening methods that won't put the health of our teeth in danger. Sometimes instead of using chemicals we can simply... eat! ... .

when go to orthodontist
When to contact an orthodontist?

Beautiful, white and ideally aligned teeth are the beauty ideal. In order to enjoy it, it is not enough to just pay attention to the oral hygiene. It is necessary to prevent and treat malocclusions. ... .

braces come off
Orthodontic retention phase. What happens after your braces come off?

In order to maintain the effects of the orthodontic treatment, we have to undergo the retention phase, which will prevent possible return of malocclusion. What is the retention phase and how long does it take? During the orthodontic treatment our teeth change their position. The braces force the teeth to move from places where they have stayed during our whole life. Unfortunately, usually the braces are not enough to hold the teeth in the desired position for ... .

Don't exaggerate with teeth whitening

Nowadays, the teeth whitening treatment is becoming more and more popular. There are also a lot of new products which you can use for in-home whitening. When does teeth whitening become dangerous? ... .

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